Ford’s Been Rolling Out a Lot of Good Initiatives

There are many Ford models that I can say have become customer favorites. 
Models like the Fiesta, Taurus, Mustang, Fusion, Escape, Explorer and F-150s are huge sellers, and you see them all over the road.  They’re awesome for our customers, too. 
Ford also made sustainability part of their product development focus a few years back.
So, along with increasing quality, developing safety strategies, and their work to develop the highest-strength aluminum known to man, they’ve been focusing pretty hard on sustainability.  A lot of our customers appreciate that, so this is just something else we can add to the information have to offer.
And though environmental waste is a somewhat inescapable element of the automotive industry, Ford's doing its part by building every vehicle with 95 percent recyclable materials.  No wonder so many -- including the good folks at Reader's Digest -- have come to recognize Ford's noble efforts!
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