Three Reasons Smart Owners Buy the Ford Super Duty

The 2017 Ford Super Duty gives you advantages that many others simply can't enjoy.

The Super Duty is one of the most powerful trucks in history. Plus, it now has technology that's likely to make your smartphone jealous.

Here are three of its very best qualities:

  • The towing and payload cannot be compared to anything else on the market. That is why you see so many using the 2017 Super Duty as a work truck.
  • The adaptive steering system allows you to maneuver at low speeds. It adds up to 30 percent to your steering-wheel turns.
  • Seven cameras give you a 360-degree view around every nook and cranny of your Super Duty. The front camera delivers 180-degree views.

When you own the 2017 Ford Super Duty, you have reached the pinnacle of truck owners. You have a tough, durable vehicle. You also have great cameras that allow you to view nearly every inch of your surroundings.

Take a test drive today.

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