Ford Promises New High-Tech Safety Features in the Next Two Years

Ford currently offers a range of standard and available passive and active safety features on their entire line of vehicles, but Ford is always striving to out-do themselves. There are several new, high-tech safety features currently under development that Ford has promised for arrival on new vehicles in the next two years. New additions include the capability to sense objects of people who are on a path to pass behind the vehicle, as well as autonomous braking if the driver is in reverse and fails to respond to the warnings for said objects. Another feature in development will assist drivers with "evasive steering" to help the vehicle avoid a collision. While current Ford vehicles offer a range of driver assistance features such as lane keeping and cruise assist, rearview cameras, and more, these new safety features will go above and beyond; Tech Crunch describes these new features as "going beyond the kind of assistive tech generally available today, which tends to be more about helpful nudging, then really assuming control." Visit Auffenberg Ford Inc. to learn more about the exceptional safety features available now, and to test drive any of the new Ford vehicles in our current inventory.
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