A Good-Looking Truck Can Be Deceiving

There are many heavy duty trucks that look good.  Good looks, however, do not make a truck great -- rather, great performance does! 
And, unfortunately, such a reality is one many consumers must confront -- that their truck, while easy on the eyes, leaves much to be desired in terms of driving demeanor.  The same cannot be said for our esteemed American automaker, however.  Its trucks are arguably the total package.
And it's a recent YouTube video that illustrates this very notion wonderfully.  Featuring our resident heavy-duty Hercules, the 2017 Ford Super Duty, the clip pits the pickup against the mind-bogglingly massive Mobile Jaw Crusher for a friendly race.
In the end, the Super Duty won with ease.  Sure, smart style no doubt has its appeal.  But, ultimately, there's simply no substitute for real substance, something the latest Super Duty offers in spades.
Pop by our Belleville, IL facility sometime soon to discover all else the fantastic Ford F-Series brings the to table.
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