Packing an Emergency Box for Your Next Road Trip

Our service center has seen countless vacations ruined when drivers break down and don't have the tools in their vehicle to fix what was a minor issue. if you want to avoid a small issue becoming a full-blown emergency on your next road trip, consider the following.

Here is what you need to pack in an emergency box for your next trip:
  • A can of fix-a-flat in case tire or spare needs air.
  • Duct table for sealing leaking hoses temporarily until you buy a new one.
  • Hammer, screwdrivers, socket set, knife, any tools that you can make small repairs with.
  • Gallon of coolant in case the engine overheats.
  • Flares to get the attention of other drivers.
  • Gas can in case you need to walk to a fueling station.
By thinking ahead, many of the items in the emergency box can have you on your way or at least to the next service station.
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