Can I Upgrade My Ford SYNC® to SYNC® 3?

Can I Upgrade My Ford SYNC to SYNC 3

Most of the Ford models on the Waterloo roads today feature the intuitive Ford SYNC® infotainment system. If you’re asking, “Can I upgrade my Ford SYNC® to SYNC® 3?” Unfortunately, the answer is no. That’s because newer Ford models equipped with SYNC® 3 have built-in hardware specific for this system, making it impossible for older models without this hardware to complete the upgrade.

With that said, the team at Auffenberg Ford South Belleville believe there are plenty of features that the first generation of Ford SYNC® offers Belleville drivers. Make the most of the current system and learn how to “Sync my ride” to enhance your commutes!

Ford SYNC® Features

  • Handsfree Commands: With Ford SYNC® you can place a phone call or pick one up without fumbling with your phone while driving. You can even send texts with your voice or request specific playlists and podcasts. All of this keeps your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road without sacrificing connectivity.
  • Ford AppLink®: Ford AppLink® is the smartphone app integration of the Ford SYNC® system. Use voice commands or steering-wheel-mounted controls to access your favorite mobile apps!
  • SYNC® Entertainment: In addition to keeping you connected, SYNC® combats boredom in many ways. If you don’t have a playlist in mind, you can simply request a genre, and the system will respond with songs you’re sure to love. Take advantage of Bluetooth® connectivity, as well, to access to your favorite audiobooks and podcasts.
  • SYNC® Media Hub: A convenient USB port allows you to charge your mobile device while on the go, and it also provides access to files from separate devices. A flash drive can also be inserted to install new SYNC® software updates to keep the system running smoothly.

Ford SYNC® Safety Features

Beyond entertainment and connectivity, Mascoutah drivers can rely on Ford SYNC® to keep them safe. One feature, 911 Assist, provides a connection to emergency services via your Bluetooth® connectivity if an accident occurs. That way, you can reach out to authorities, even when the controls aren’t within reach. It even provides accident details, such as location, time, and more.

Experience Ford SYNC® at Auffenberg Ford South Belleville!

The first-generation Ford SYNC® system may not include features like Ford+Alexa that come with SYNC® 3, but it proves to be a supportive, entertaining system for Waterloo drivers. To experience all that the next generation Ford SYNC® 3 has to offer, visit Auffenberg Ford South Belleville and explore our new Ford inventory. We’ve got the new Ford car, truck, or SUV you’re looking for, so get in touch to schedule a test drive today!