Electric F-150 Towing a Train 

With the excitement growing about the introduction of the electric Ford F-150, many Waterloo-area drivers want to know just what it's capable of. There's this idea that any electric vehicle is going to have as much power as a Prius, but the electric F-150 has the capabilities to tow a train. That's right, the electric Ford F-150 prototype towed a train that weighs 1.25 million pounds. Now that we have your attention, read on to learn more about this train-towing stunt, and stay connected with our dealership for updates on everything to do with the Ford F-150.

How Does the Electric Ford F-150 Tow a Train?

In a recent video advertisement from Ford, a prototype electric F-150 is shown towing a slew of empty train cars, which combine to weigh 1 million pounds. To prove the electric F-150 is even stronger, the crew in the video loads the train cars with new F-150 models, which brings the train's total weight to 1.25 million pounds. The electric pickup then starts again, pulling the hefty load seemingly with ease.

Can the electric Ford F-150 actually pull 1.25 million pounds behind it on the Mascoutah streets? Definitely not, according to Road and Track. But regardless, the stunt certainly proves that the electric F-150 will undoubtedly be powerful.

When Can We Expect the Electric Ford F-150?

Ford has yet to announce a debut date for the electric Ford F-150. However, Ford officials have confirmed that the electric F-150 will come out after the Ford Mustang Mach-E, an electric crossover SUV that will be introduced in 2020 as a 2021 model. 

Ford also hasn't revealed many details about the electric pickup, but we can expect a zero-emission powertrain, as you might have already guessed. At the moment, there aren't any electric-powered trucks on the market, so the electric F-150 will be one of the first available. 

Is There a Hybrid Ford F-150?

As part of Ford's strategy to introduce more hybrid and electric vehicles, the automaker also plans to produce a hybrid Ford F-150. Columbia drivers can look for this model to arrive sometime in 2020, according to a number of sources, although Ford hasn't yet confirmed its release, either.

A significant perk associated with the hybrid F-150 is that the electric battery can be used as a generator for your work or camp site, negating the need to carry a generator with you.

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