Diesel vs. Gas Trucks

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When shopping for a new pickup truck for your Waterloo drives, daily commutes, and weekly errands, you’ll come across two main types. There are diesel-powered engines and gas-powered engines. (You can also look for all-electric pickups very soon.)



When deciding which engine you want, you’ll choose between a diesel and gas truck for your purchase. This guide from the team at Auffenberg Ford South Belleville has you covered. We’ll discuss the benefits offered by gas vs. diesel trucks and showcase diesel vs. gas trucks: pros and cons, so you can tackle every challenge that arises on your daily drives.

Diesel vs. Gas Trucks Pros and Cons

Reasons to Choose a Diesel Truck

  • Torque & Towing – Diesel trucks often generate considerably more torque than their gas-powered cousins. Therefore, they can often tow heavier loads compared to gas-powered engines of similar sizes! That’s why work trucks and logistics/transport vehicles rely on diesel power to get the job done.
  • Fuel Economy – For several reasons, diesel engines tend to be more fuel-efficient than gas engines. Even though diesel fuel can sometimes be more expensive, many drivers prefer diesel because it reduces the number of times they need to stop at the gas station in Mascoutah.
  • Longevity – Anecdotal and scientific evidence suggests that diesel engines can last much longer than comparable gas engines. This is due to their simpler construction and stronger engine blocks. A well-maintained diesel engine can power your travels for more than 500,000 miles!

Reasons to Choose a Gas Truck

  • Acceleration & Horsepower – Yes, diesel engines tend to offer more torque. But many daily drivers want a vehicle’s horsepower and acceleration rather than towing capacity. Gas-powered trucks are generally better at getting up to speed and passing other vehicles on the highway.
  • More Fueling Stations – Not every gas station offers diesel fuel. Drivers who choose a gasoline-powered truck will spend less time worrying about where to find a gas station near Columbia.
  • Lower Maintenance Costs – Diesel engines do not have spark plugs and generally employ a more straightforward design. Many drivers expect them to be cheaper to maintain. Since diesel engines use heavy-duty and sometimes hard-to-find parts, service appointments, and repairs can often be pricier for diesel engines.

When debating a diesel vs. gas truck as you decide what engine to buy, consider the factors that matter most. In the diesel vs. gas trucks – pros and cons discussion, you’ll have some basic things to figure out.

Technical Comparison: Diesel Truck vs. Gas Engines

If you’re the curious type, you’re probably wondering why the differences between gas and diesel trucks are so pronounced! As you think about diesel vs. gas truck engines, we’ve got a few things to think about to help you decide which one is right for you.

Keep these points in mind:

  • Both gas and diesel engines are internal combustion engines. They burn fuel by turning the hydrocarbon liquid into energy within the engine.
  • Gas trucks tend to compress air and fuel at a ratio of roughly 10:1. Diesel trucks compress their own air/fuel mixture at a rate between 15:1 and 25:1. Since the result is a much hotter cylinder, diesel fuel is self-igniting and often does not require a spark plug. This also creates more power and greater fuel efficiency in a diesel engine.
  • The efficiency of any engine is determined in part by the relative difference between its maximum hot and cold temperatures. Higher compression ratios allow for a smaller min-max temperature difference, which accounts for the diesel engine’s greater fuel economy.

Compare a Diesel vs. Gas Truck in Person at Auffenberg Ford South Belleville

Now that you’ve got a sense of a diesel vs. gas truck, we invite you to experience the difference in person. Contact us or call 618-589-8079 to schedule a test drive.

Meanwhile, check out our new vehicle inventory and connect with our finance center to take the next steps in your search! We’re happy to help in any way we can!


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