Hybrid vs. Electric

2022 Ford Mustang Mach-E at Charging Station

Ready to trade in your traditional gas-powered vehicle in favor of a hybrid or electric model? In the electric vs. hybrid debate, we want you to find the one that better suits your lifestyle. Which option is a better fit for your Waterloo or Mascoutah daily commutes, weekly errands, or weekend getaways to your favorite lakeside camping spot?



The experts at Auffenberg Ford South Belleville compare electric cars vs. hybrid to help you make an educated decision!

The Basics of Hybrid vs. Electric Car Ownership

We’ll dive into the various benefits of hybrid vs. electric cars. First, we must establish a base understanding of the core differences between electric and hybrid varieties.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid vehicles are still powered by gasoline, particularly at higher speeds and on highways. Unlike traditional gas-powered cars, hybrids aren’t completely reliant on the gas engine to generate power for forward motion. Accompanying the gas engine in hybrid vehicles is a secondary electric motor. The electric motor typically comes into play at lower speeds for city driving, which might make the city mpg higher than the highway mpg figure.

The gas engine and electric motor work together to provide power as you drive through Columbia and East Saint Louis, allowing for significant improvements in gas mileage. The battery for the electric motor in some hybrid vehicles self-charges, so you never have to plug into a power source. However, some hybrid vehicles are PHEVs, or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, that allows you to run your hybrid vehicle on electricity until the battery is empty. You can recharge your vehicle’s battery at home.

Electric Cars

An electric vehicle (EV) runs solely on electric power. There is no internal combustion engine, only a large battery made of several lithium-ion cells to power an electric motor. The battery in EVs is much larger than in hybrids because it plays a more significant role in providing power for the vehicle to run.

Electric vehicles get plugged into a home or public charging station to charge the battery. The mileage range on an electric vehicle varies based on how much change the battery has. While DC fast charging at public stations is faster, you can charge EVs overnight in your home with the proper setup.

Models like the Mustang Mach-E provide an electric range of up to 312 miles when charged fully.

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid Vehicles?

Hybrid cars are a good option for Fairview Heights drivers who are a little apprehensive about switching from gas to electric. You can earn serious fuel savings without changing your driving habits or worrying about finding a charging station nearby. You’ll lower your fuel costs.

Other hybrid benefits include:

  • The battery charges itself in non-PHEV models
  • You can stop and fuel up at any gas station
  • Hybrids are often more affordable than EVs for now.

Bottom line? If you have a lengthy commute or want the freedom to go on road trips without worrying about running out of power on the road, a hybrid vehicle may be the better option. You can stop at any gas station to fuel up quickly, just like you’re accustomed to with a traditional gas engine. Luckily, the number of EV charging stations is increasing every year. There are nearly 72,000 gas stations in the United States with 40,000 EV charging stations.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Vehicles?

EVs eliminate the use of gas, leading to significant long-term savings for overall vehicle ownership. You won’t have to worry about high gas prices ever again. Plus, there are government incentives to purchase EVs and home EV charging stations.

Not only are EVs friendly for your wallet but also for the environment. If you want to increase your efficiency and decrease your carbon footprint, an EV could be your next commuter vehicle.

Some common EV benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Low or zero tailpipe emissions
  • Quieter ride with no engine noise
  • No money spent on gasoline
  • Fewer maintenance costs (no oil changes or engine upkeep)
  • Potential EV incentives based on your location
  • Flexible charging options, including home and public options

If your daily driving mostly consists of quick trips around the Belleville area, you may be able to consider an EV for your commute and weekly errands! While electric vehicles do have a limited range, so do gasoline-powered cars. But longer trips aren’t out of the question, either, with EVs. The amount of public EV charging stations is constantly increasing, so it’s only becoming easier to plan road trip routes in an EV.

Compare Hybrid vs. Electric Cars at Auffenberg Ford South Belleville!

Whether you want a hybrid or fully electric vehicle in your garage, Auffenberg Ford South Belleville can help you make a seamless transition to owning this type of new vehicle. Contact us or call 618-589-8079 for more information or to schedule a test drive. You can also explore our new inventory to see what else might catch your eye.


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